YouTube videos are among the most accessed information and entertainment formats on the net. You may not have the time, skills or patience to make promotional or informative videos, or to become a video content creator, but that shouldn’t stop you from utilising this platform to enhance your leads and marketing exposure.

When we want to learn more about a subject, we’ve almost all, at some time, watched a video on You Tube. It is a basic step taken by millions of people every day, to find instructional or informative data. Useful or interesting video content, coupled with good use of keywords and metadata, can reach out and connect worldwide, or with local people who are looking to buy, or to know more about what you have to offer.

Video content marketing can be used to showcase styles and ranges of products for your customers or potential new clients. It can be used to discuss or commentate on topics related to your business. It can incorporate live video, still photos, audio, links and more, to highlight what you want to share.

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How it works

Using the latest online video and audio software, we create content of the highest quality.

In one session with you per month (usually around 90 minutes), we set up a video call to your office.
We can conduct an interview with you (or your chosen staff member or expert), or you may wish to deliver information as a presenter – with or without illustrative video or stills. You supply us with any other information, still photos or files you want featured.

And that’s it! Your work is done! You can get on with other things while your content is produced.

From there, we take the information you’ve provided and turn it into blog articles, podcast and video materials that can be packaged, used and repurposed, as fresh content. We use the video recordings to also generate audio podcast and written blog releases.

So, then you have fresh content on the net, which people can access to learn more about you and your product or service … and your digital marketing is covered!

What does your audience think about video?

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