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The beauty of podcasting is that millions of people, daily, tune in and listen to audio programs and clips while they are driving, working, working out, relaxing, shopping, and researching. Because they are not tied to a visual screen, audio podcast listeners can take in content, engage with the topic and its presenter, develop a connection with the subject matter, and gain a deeper understanding of it as they go about their day, or night.

What we do

We use the latest online video and audio software and equipment to capture our online session with you, and then from this, we generate the audio podcast content you need, to build authority in your industry and enhance your expertise to listeners and potential customers.

Recordings can be captured in interview form, or you may choose to speak about topics, updates and information that you wish to present to the public and your customer base. We work with you to develop the style of presentation, or use of guest speaker, that works best in your situation.

This one, 90-minute session with us per month gives us the raw material needed to create multiple new pieces of internet content for your enterprise.

If you want to just do podcasts our sister company Podcast My Business is here 

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You can also listen to our latest podcasts. 

If you would like to know more about how we can work with you to fulfil good digital marketing objectives, please feel free to contact Tony Skinner or drop us a line.